Pryce Warner

Business ambition:

To promote four financial products. Products to include are Qrops, Domicile, Property bonds and Tax Planning.  To promote it organically and increase natural traffic.

Our solution

The financial services market is highly competitive and finance institutions need extremely large budgets in order to meet their financial targets. This client markets to a particular sect of customers that are global and cannot be targeted through traditional direct marketing channels. We took to the internet to better understand search trends for these products in key countries.

Our plan

We analysed search trends using Google Analytics. We can saw where existing traffic was coming in from and where the peaks were. In addition to this we were able to find gaps in the search traffic which, when optimised would lead to greater organic traffic. Key geographic areas where identified such as the Cayman Islands.

Through a comprehensive SEO strategy, we were able to grow traffic by Combined with an Adwords campaign and social media, we were able to deliver high value leads to the client.

The results

Increase in traffic up by 277%.
Leads via Adwords worth £100k each.