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It’s a fact, being at the top position in Google increases traffic by 33%. Most businesses understand the benefits of SEO but struggle to get it right as SEO can be daunting, expensive and time consuming. Getting the basics right can mean that it’s easier and faster for your customers to find you online especially if you are a local business.

The common challenge businesses find is getting traffic especially if they are in a competitive market. It can be fiercely competitive and sometimes impossible to beat the competition. With a niche business the challenge can be knowing where to start and ensuring that you stay at the top. Wow Search has the right skills to help get you there.

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We understand how your customers behave online. It all starts with a simple keyword search. Thats why our SEO is simple yet highly powerful. We focus our work on what really works and there are three crucial stages. These are: knowing what your customers type into Google, making your website relevant so that when Google spiders visit your website the language is right. And lastly, and most importantly, making relationships with other websites (link building). Prices exclude a set up fee.

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