Marketing Agency Disrupts The Interior Design Landscape

Business Ambition

Our client, a talented interior designer relocating to Devon, faced a unique challenge. She desired to re-establish her design company and attract a specific clientele, both domestic and commercial. While passionate about each project, she craved a targeted flow of high-quality, high-paying clients, allowing her to dedicate time to her creative vision.

Our Approach

Understanding her needs, Wow Search implemented a strategic approach:

  • Location-Based Targeting: We researched high-intent keywords focused on Devon and surrounding areas. These keywords focused on searches reflecting her design expertise, like “luxury home interior design Devon” or “commercial office renovation Exeter.”
  • Client Quality Filtering: We went beyond simple traffic generation. By strategically crafting targeted ad copy and website content, we attracted clients seeking her specific design aesthetic and budget range. This ensured enquiries came from individuals truly valuing her unique services.
  • Building Brand Authority: To establish her reputation in the Devon market, we implemented online reputation management strategies. This included positive client testimonials and guest blog posts highlighting her design philosophy and recent projects.

The Results

The meticulous approach yielded exceptional results:

  • High-Value Leads: Interiors in Devon was inundated, not with a flood of calls, but with targeted inquiries from serious clients seeking her expertise. This allowed her to focus on design execution while feeling confident about project budgets and their potential.
  • Local Market Leader: Through strategic online presence building, Interiors in Devon quickly emerged as a sought-after design firm in Devon. Her website became a go-to resource for homeowners and businesses seeking a luxury design experience.

By collaborating with Wow Search, this talented designer successfully re-established her business, attracting clients who value her expertise and allowing her to focus on her passion: creating stunning and functional spaces.