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    What does this mean for your business?

    It means your website must work hard to attract the attention of potential customers in the first few seconds, or you lose them as they simply look elsewhere.

    No Sale

    Imagine this. You want to buy a pair of shoes. You walk into shop after shop and have a quick glance around. You walk straight out of most shops, as you see nothing you like and you speak to no-one. None of the shoes appeal to you, so you walk straight out.


    Now imagine you walk into a shoe shop that you like. You see lots of shoes in different colours, styles, materials and prices. You feel happy when walking around this shop. You like what you see. You spot a shoe you like the design of.  The customer assistant is extremely helpful. The shoe fits and the price is right.

    Your website is no different to a shop. If you have a website, you may be getting some traffic and you may be getting no sales. You may be wondering why your website is not performing.

    When shopping around your customers will click on site after site and quickly leave if they don’t see something that grabs their attention. If the site is drab, confusing or just doesn’t offer what they are looking for, then they will simply bounce off your website and on to the next site.

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    How can Wow Search help you build a better business?

    You have a choice, learn how to do it yourself, pay someone to do it for you or pay someone who can prove they know how to do it. Wow Search has helped nearly 100 businesses in the last two years. We don’t just do any marketing, we run marketing that works. We use real information – your customer information – to deliver campaigns that get you the results you need. Here’s what just some of our clients have to say about our service:

    Mary Anne

    “My website is in a highly competitive market. WOW Search have helped me to get traffic and more enquiries. Thank you!”



    “Thank you very much WOW Search for the great job on our site and promoting our website to the first page in Google.”

    Yasmin Haque

    “WOW Search has helped me to get lots of local traffic for my new business within 3 months!”

    Desire Diet and Exercise

    Here’s how we help you.

    • Branding – we work on your branding so that you connect with your ideal customer and improve sales.
    • Adwords – we optimise your Google Adwords campaigns so that they bring in traffic and make sales
    • Social Media – we help you post interesting and engaging content on Twitter, Facebook and other sites, so people want to engage with you and buy from you
    • Email Marketing – we ensure the content on your site is interesting and engaging, so that people want to stop and readSEO – we make changes that push your site up the search engine rankings and make sure it stays there
    • Content – we ensure the content on your site is interesting and engaging, so that people want to stop and read
    • Research and Analysis – we research and analyse your sector to find out how you can get ahead of your competitors

    Contact us today and see how we can achieve great results for you. Results that mean more traffic, a more engaging and interesting website, social media content that connects, and more sales for your business.

    Get a free no obligation quote from a specialist marketing company.

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